Are Leaflet Drops More Effective Than Local Magazine Articles?

There are lots of local magazines put through the doors of homes in Peterborough. But do they really work? Do people read these local magazines and then skim through the business adverts. More than that, are these magazines kept and stored somewhere safely for when the business advertising in the magazine is needed? Both local magazines and leaflet drops in Peterborough work well as a way to promote your business in Peterborough. In this blog post we look at just some of the ways that leaflet drops in Peterborough are more effective for your business than a local magazine advert;

Cost Effectiveness

On average you can get a full page advert in a local magazine for the same price as double the amount of leaflets! Leaflet drops in Peterborough are a really affordable way of getting your business and brand out there to the wider public in your local area.

Perfectly Targeted

You can choose where your leaflets go when you book a leaflet drop in Peterborough. Unlike when you have an advert in a local magazine where they choose where they go. This means you can offer babysitting to family homes, window cleaning to older people or pizza deliveries to student accommodation.


You can choose the shape and size of the leaflet you want delivered. Maybe you want to keep costs down with a thinner paper leaflet? Perhaps you would rather have a thicker card and a shaped leaflet to grab the attention of the receiver. With leaflets you can choose the shape, size and layout. These things just aren’t an option with local magazines.

Quick to Make

Often local magazines go out on set days of the month or year. With a leaflet drop in Peterborough you can choose when your leaflet goes out. You don’t need to wait for the other businesses to confirm their adverts or for the magazine to be printed. You just need to get your leaflet designed and printed – then you’re ready to go.

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