Use Cost Effective Tools To Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely

In this modern day, with the rising costs of marketing and advertising, leaflet distributions in Peterborough are a lot cheaper than other marketing tools. However, this doesn’t mean that just because booking leaflet distributions in Peterborough is cheaper than a TV or radio advert, that it is less effective. In fact that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is so much research out there to show just how cost-effective leaflet deliveries in Peterborough. Just take a look through some of our previous blogs to see the stats and research about the cost-effectiveness and success rates of leaflet distribution as a marketing tool. When executed correctly, leaflet distribution campaigns in Peterborough can be the most cost-effective marketing strategy out there, no matter your business size or marketing budget. Just looking at the cost of an advert in the newspaper, on TV or on the radio and you’ll see that preparing, printing and delivering your leaflets will work out loads cheaper. If you haven’t got a £1million budget for your marketing then you may want to consider leaflet distribution. It’s also good to remember that a well-known pizza delivery company advertise on the TV a lot of the time. They pay for some pretty major popular time spots, and will advertise with popular TV programs too. Yet, they still use leaflet distribution campaigns alongside this. That’s because they work. They wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work! While leaflet printing may look really cheap as a marketing tool, it is also a good idea to note that the most leaflets you order, the cheaper the leaflets become. The same goes for leaflet deliveries too. The more leaflets you ask us to deliver, the lower the cost per leaflet will work out. This means you can promote your business to a much wider audience in your local area, for not a great deal more money. If you’re not sure leaflet distribution will work for your business then why not check out the testimonials on our website. This will show you the businesses we have completed leaflet distributions for, and the successes these clients have had.

Are Leaflet Drops More Effective Than Local Magazine Articles?

There are lots of local magazines put through the doors of homes in Peterborough. But do they really work? Do people read these local magazines and then skim through the business adverts. More than that, are these magazines kept and stored somewhere safely for when the business advertising in the magazine is needed? Both local magazines and leaflet drops in Peterborough work well as a way to promote your business in Peterborough. In this blog post we look at just some of the ways that leaflet drops in Peterborough are more effective for your business than a local magazine advert;

Cost Effectiveness

On average you can get a full page advert in a local magazine for the same price as double the amount of leaflets! Leaflet drops in Peterborough are a really affordable way of getting your business and brand out there to the wider public in your local area.

Perfectly Targeted

You can choose where your leaflets go when you book a leaflet drop in Peterborough. Unlike when you have an advert in a local magazine where they choose where they go. This means you can offer babysitting to family homes, window cleaning to older people or pizza deliveries to student accommodation.


You can choose the shape and size of the leaflet you want delivered. Maybe you want to keep costs down with a thinner paper leaflet? Perhaps you would rather have a thicker card and a shaped leaflet to grab the attention of the receiver. With leaflets you can choose the shape, size and layout. These things just aren’t an option with local magazines.

Quick to Make

Often local magazines go out on set days of the month or year. With a leaflet drop in Peterborough you can choose when your leaflet goes out. You don’t need to wait for the other businesses to confirm their adverts or for the magazine to be printed. You just need to get your leaflet designed and printed – then you’re ready to go.

How To Work Out The Cost Of Leaflet Distribution In Peterborough

Leaflet distribution in Peterborough is a really effective marketing tool to increase your presence in your local area. No matter if you are a brand new business or an established business with years of business under your belt. Leaflet distribution campaigns get you literally under the noses of hundreds of people in your target location. There is no need for you to dump all your other marketing tools and just do leaflet distribution instead. Leaflet distribution in Peterborough works really well as on its own. However, it can work really well as part of a marketing strategy too. Perhaps it could follow on from your social media competitions, work alongside a website launch or hand in hand with a local radio advert for example. But how can you work out the cost of a leaflet distribution campaign in Peterborough? There are a few costs to take into account. For example, you need to think about the cost of designing the leaflet. Then there is the cost of printing the leaflet too. We have leaflet distribution printing partners that we recommend, and they will offer good value prices and high-quality printing. You also need to consider the distribution costs for the leaflet drops in Peterborough. While it may be tempting to save money on leaflet deliveries and deliver them yourself, you may not be saving money. If for example, you are a plumber and you can earn £75 an hour working for your clients – are you saving money by delivering leaflets for 2 days? Instead, why not outsource your leaflet deliveries to a leaflet delivery team? They can do the leaflet delivering for you, and you can carry on earning more money, while they deliver the leaflets for you. You also need to think about any special offers or deals you are putting in your leaflets. How much will these discounts cost your business? There is no point offering an amazing discount if it turns out it is costing you to sell the customer the product or service! If you are looking for a trusted, reliable and affordable leaflet distribution company in Peterborough then call us now.

The Pros And Cons Of Leaflet Deliveries in Peterborough

In 2019 we all have such a wide array of digital technology, literally at our fingertips. This is why we are not surprised when clients and business owners tell us that leaflet deliveries in Peterborough are a little out-dated. However, these people are always surprised when we share the stats with them, which show just how good the ROI (return on investment) for leaflet deliveries in Peterborough are. In many industries leaflets continue to be an incredibly popular, cost effective and successful marketing tool so we thought we would put together the pros and cons of leaflet delivery campaigns in Peterborough so you can see if they could work for you and your business. If you are thinking of using leaflet drops in Peterborough to get your message heard, then this is a must read blog post for you;

The Pros of Leaflet Distribution

Leaflets are extremely cost effective and they are visually appealing too. You can include lots of information, contact details, colours and photos in a leaflet, which just isn’t possible with some other marketing tools. When done right leaflet deliveries can be incredibly effective. They are an expected marketing channel that your target audience are used to.

The Cons of Leaflet Distribution

Through leaflet distribution campaigns leaflets can often be quickly discarded and or thrown away, meaning they do not sometimes have a long term impact. A leaflet being put through the door is competing with all the other leaflets, post, letters, bills and everything else put through the door, if your leaflet doesn’t stand out then it could get missed. Here at SPS Leaflet Distribution we would highly recommend that you take the time to think about your target audience, what they need from you and what you can offer them. Think about where your target audience live and the sort of flyer and offering that will grab their attention. Then we can get your leaflet sorted and get it put through the doors of your target audience.

3 Advantages of Marketing With Leaflet Drops In Peterborough

Every business owner mows that marketing is an important part of growing the business. However, the prospect and cost of marketing can be daunting, to say the least. There are lots of new ways of marketing your business such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media, live chat on websites, email marketing, and more. What makes these marketing channels more daunting is the jargon that comes with them, such as SEO, PPC, SMM and more. The great news is that the gold old fashioned, faithful friend – leaflets, still work! Leaflets, Print Marketing and Leaflet Distributions in Peterborough haven’t died in this modern world of technology. They still work, and in some cases they are working better than they did before. There are some incredible advantages to leaflet deliveries in Peterborough. In this blog post we have selected just three of the many advantages, because we could go on forever otherwise.
  1. Leaflet Drops in Peterborough Are Eye Catching & Informative
Nothing stands out quite as well as nicely designed, clearly laid out, colourful and glossy leaflet on your doorstep. When you create a leaflet that is designed with your target audience in mind you will be able to create the exact marketing material that will catch their eye, grab their attention and give them all the information that they require. 2. Leaflet Drops in Peterborough Make Measuring Success a Breeze You can display a clear call to action really clearly on a leaflet. You can then use this call to action to enable you to track the success of your leaflet drop campaign in Peterborough. You could have an email address, website page or telephone number set up solely for those responding to the flyer. This means you can easily and clearly see how well the leaflet drop has worked for you and your business. 3. Leaflet Drops in Peterborough Are Affordable & Effective When ordering leaflets in large bulk amounts you’ll find that leaflets and leaflet drops are far more affordable and cost effective than you may originally have thought. We would be happy to connect you with good quality printers that offer great value for money on your leaflets, and then we can deliver these flyers for you. Want to know more about leaflet drops in Peterborough? Give us a call now.

Leaflet Distribution Campaign Thinking

The first rule of marketing for any business; Repetition = Reputation This should always be something you remember when marketing, whether it is leaflet distribution campaigns, social media marketing, email newsletters and such like. Keep repeating your marketing and you will build up the reputation of your business. Let us look at this example in the form of leaflet distribution campaigns;

Leaflet Drop One:

The first leaflets that go out may grab you some of that low hanging fruit, especially if you are lucky enough to time the leaflet drop for the exact time the receiver is thinking of purchasing from you. If your target audience are ready to buy the product or service you order and your leaflet lands on their door at that point – then you are on to a winner. For other receivers of the leaflet drop, the leaflet looks good, and they have had that first ‘marketing touch’ of your business and brand.

Leaflet Drop Two:

This second leaflet drop needs to be soon enough after the first one so that your brand and business is still in their mind. You will start to get early recognition responses from your target audience. The more considered buyers that were thinking about purchasing a product or service from you are now wishing to go ahead. Again, you will pick up that low hanging fruit if the leaflet lands on their doormat at the right time.

Leaflet Drop Three:

This is where the recognition kicks in, and reputation and trust follow closely behind. It looks like you are a real business, serious about business and what you offer. You are beginning to ‘own this area’, with your brand and business being recognised in the neighbourhood. You are building a name for yourself and your flyer will begin to get remembered, kept and passed onto friends who need what you offer. Top Tip: If money is tight, opt for a leaflet distribution campaign with repetition in a smaller area, instead of delivering to a wider area on a one-off basis.

Should You Use Card or Paper For Flyering in Peterborough

Getting the message out to your
target audience about who you are and what you offer is one thing.
But getting the right message out to the right people is another thing entirely!

Flyering in Peterborough isn’t as simple as getting a load of leaflets and flyers printed as cheaply as possible, then using a flyering company to deliver them.

There are many parts that make up a successful flyering campaign in Peterborough and one of these things is the quality of the leaflet or flyer. By which we mean the material it is printed on. This is what we would like to talk about in this blog post.

So, what is better for your business flyers? Card or Paper?

As with us all, we get in from a long day at work and there will be some things on our doorstep that will grab our attention, while other things will not. So how can you
create a flyer that grabs the attention of the person coming through the door, and makes them give your flyer a second glance?

The flyers that are bright, bold and colourful will always stand out. However, if there is a pile of post at the front door, the colour may not be noticed.

Instead, it will be the quality of the flyer and the feel of the flyer that makes the receiver stop in their tracks to see what they have picked up. Things like takeaway flyers or flyers for weight loss groups are printed on thin 100gsm stock, but to really stand out why not consider thicker paper or even card at 150gsm to 280gsm?

This not only grabs the attention of someone as they pick up the post from the front door, but it also makes a great first impression. The receiver gets the message that you offer high quality and professionalism.

A thicker paper or card is also unlikely to get screwed up as it comes through the letterbox, so it looks great from the first sight!

While 280gsm may be more expensive than cheaper paper printing, it will be more cost effective in the long run.

Shared Leaflet Distribution Vs Solus Leaflet Distribution


As a leaflet distribution company in Peterborough, we offer our clients solus leaflet distribution in Peterborough and shared leaflet distribution in Peterborough. There are pros and cons to both services and we talk about these below to help you understand the best leaflet distribution services in Peterborough for your business.



Before choosing the best method of leaflet distribution for your business and your leaflets,  it is important that you consider the different factors such as the marketing material you are having delivered, how many leaflets are being delivered, how soon you want them delivered and your budget for leaflet distribution campaigns.



For example, if you are having multi-page documents and booklets delivered then a solus delivery would be the best option for you. However, leaflets are absolutely fine as part of a shared delivery.



If you need your message to be seen by your target audience right now, then solus leaflet distribution is the best option for your business and flyers, yet if you are happy to wait and there is no urgency for ‘this week’ (as an example), then a shared leaflet delivery would suit your leaflet.



On a solus leaflet delivery, you can pretty much choose the exact area, time and date that your leaflets are delivered, whereas a shared leaflet delivery gives you far less control over delivery times and dates of your leaflets, but you can choose the geographical area.



Finally, if you’re on a budget, then a shared delivery is the much better option for your business as a solus delivery can cost around double the amount of a shared



You also need to look at the pros and cons of a shared delivery versus a solo delivery before making your final decision.



For example, a shared delivery means that you have a cost-effective marketing tool with regular distributions and you will be able to approach multiple customers with a vested interest. However, with a shared delivery, it means you have less control of when your leaflets are distributed, you will need to deliver a higher amount of leaflets for a shared delivery and they will land on the doormat of your target audience with other leaflets.



When it comes to a solus delivery it means that you have full control of when and where your leaflets are delivered, fewer leaflets can be delivered so it will cost less if you are on a budget and your marketing materials will land on the doormat on their own. However, they are more expensive to deliver for a smaller amount to be delivered and letters delivered by the postman or other leaflets may be dropped on them during the day.



If you’d like to chat with an expert about the best leaflet distribution options for your business then please contact us directly. We would be happy to answer any queries you may have.


How To Find The Right Audience For A Leaflet Drop in Peterborough

A successful leaflet drop in Peterborough is partly down to making sure you approach the right audience. For example, if you are offering babysitting services or kids groups you may not want to target the residential and care homes in your area. Similarly you don’t want your gutting cleaning leaflets going through the letterboxes of people in 10 storey block of flats. Take the time to consider where your target audience may live and then arrange for your leaflet drop campaign in Peterborough to take place in those areas. However, there are other things you need to consider when thinking about your audience. Just because your leaflets are going through the right doors, you still need to ensure you’re attracting the right audience. For example, you need to think about a nice market. If you choose a specific audience you can really effectively sell you them and their needs. Rather than a blanket offer that could attract anyone, think about a persuasive and unique selling perspective that will attract someone. Consider why people should use your business, product or service too. By talking about why people use you on your leaflets, the reader is more likely to come to you because they want to, not because you’re the cheapest. This will then help you create lasting relationships and on-going sales, even recommendations too. Look at your competition too and who they are targeting. If you have a better offering than they do, make sure this is clear in your flyers. Alternatively, take a new direction from your competitor and create a persuasive call to action that will appeal to a different audience than the one that your competition is targeting. For more information on how you can reach your target audience through leaflet drop campaigns in Peterborough please contact us directly.

Advantages of Leaflet Distribution in Peterborough

Leaflet advertising in Peterborough is a great, simple and recordable way of getting your brand and message out to your target audience.

You don’t need to be an expert at
social media marketing, Google Adwords, SEO and all the other digital
and online marketing wizardry, you just need to have a clear message,
a good brand and an understanding of who your target audience is and
where they can be found.

Leaflet distribution campaigns in Peterborough has been successful marketing tools for business owners, long before the internet began. However, it is still a marketing tool that can work now, even with the competition of the online and digital worlds.

So, what are the advantages of leaflet advertising campaigns in Peterborough?

Local Targeting

When you run leaflet distribution campaigns in Peterborough you have control over who gets your message. You can choose for the older generation, young families or higher end areas of the local area to receive your leaflets and brand message.

Share More

Unlike a TV advert where you have seconds to share a message or an advert in the newspaper where you pay per word or per space of the page – leaflet advertising allows you to share as much of your business as you want to. You can also include contact details such as telephone numbers, website address, shop address and more.

It’s Cost Effective

Leaflet advertising is a really cost-effective marketing tool; you may be surprised at just how affordable it is. Especially when you look at our blog posts and research online that confirms the amazing ROI you can expect from your leaflets. Your leaflets aren’t ‘one use’ either. Some can be delivered, some can be given out at events and some can be available in store for example.

If you’d like to find out more about our leaflet distribution services in Peterborough you want to know how they could work for you, then why not contact our friendly team directly – we would be more than happy to answer any queries you have.