Leaflet Distribution Campaign Thinking

The first rule of marketing for any business; Repetition = Reputation This should always be something you remember when marketing, whether it is leaflet distribution campaigns, social media marketing, email newsletters and such like. Keep repeating your marketing and you will build up the reputation of your business. Let us look at this example in the form of leaflet distribution campaigns;

Leaflet Drop One:

The first leaflets that go out may grab you some of that low hanging fruit, especially if you are lucky enough to time the leaflet drop for the exact time the receiver is thinking of purchasing from you. If your target audience are ready to buy the product or service you order and your leaflet lands on their door at that point – then you are on to a winner. For other receivers of the leaflet drop, the leaflet looks good, and they have had that first ‘marketing touch’ of your business and brand.

Leaflet Drop Two:

This second leaflet drop needs to be soon enough after the first one so that your brand and business is still in their mind. You will start to get early recognition responses from your target audience. The more considered buyers that were thinking about purchasing a product or service from you are now wishing to go ahead. Again, you will pick up that low hanging fruit if the leaflet lands on their doormat at the right time.

Leaflet Drop Three:

This is where the recognition kicks in, and reputation and trust follow closely behind. It looks like you are a real business, serious about business and what you offer. You are beginning to ‘own this area’, with your brand and business being recognised in the neighbourhood. You are building a name for yourself and your flyer will begin to get remembered, kept and passed onto friends who need what you offer. Top Tip: If money is tight, opt for a leaflet distribution campaign with repetition in a smaller area, instead of delivering to a wider area on a one-off basis.

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