Shared Leaflet Distribution Vs Solus Leaflet Distribution


As a leaflet distribution company in Peterborough, we offer our clients solus leaflet distribution in Peterborough and shared leaflet distribution in Peterborough. There are pros and cons to both services and we talk about these below to help you understand the best leaflet distribution services in Peterborough for your business.



Before choosing the best method of leaflet distribution for your business and your leaflets,  it is important that you consider the different factors such as the marketing material you are having delivered, how many leaflets are being delivered, how soon you want them delivered and your budget for leaflet distribution campaigns.



For example, if you are having multi-page documents and booklets delivered then a solus delivery would be the best option for you. However, leaflets are absolutely fine as part of a shared delivery.



If you need your message to be seen by your target audience right now, then solus leaflet distribution is the best option for your business and flyers, yet if you are happy to wait and there is no urgency for ‘this week’ (as an example), then a shared leaflet delivery would suit your leaflet.



On a solus leaflet delivery, you can pretty much choose the exact area, time and date that your leaflets are delivered, whereas a shared leaflet delivery gives you far less control over delivery times and dates of your leaflets, but you can choose the geographical area.



Finally, if you’re on a budget, then a shared delivery is the much better option for your business as a solus delivery can cost around double the amount of a shared



You also need to look at the pros and cons of a shared delivery versus a solo delivery before making your final decision.



For example, a shared delivery means that you have a cost-effective marketing tool with regular distributions and you will be able to approach multiple customers with a vested interest. However, with a shared delivery, it means you have less control of when your leaflets are distributed, you will need to deliver a higher amount of leaflets for a shared delivery and they will land on the doormat of your target audience with other leaflets.



When it comes to a solus delivery it means that you have full control of when and where your leaflets are delivered, fewer leaflets can be delivered so it will cost less if you are on a budget and your marketing materials will land on the doormat on their own. However, they are more expensive to deliver for a smaller amount to be delivered and letters delivered by the postman or other leaflets may be dropped on them during the day.



If you’d like to chat with an expert about the best leaflet distribution options for your business then please contact us directly. We would be happy to answer any queries you may have.


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