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Get The Most From Your Summer Leaflet Distribution In Peterborough

We won’t shout about it too loudly in case we scare the sunshine away, but spring has finally sprung and summer is just around the corner so we thought we would take this chance to talk about how you can get the most from your leaflet distribution in Peterborough this summer.

It’s a bright, vibrant and sunny time of the year that you are advertising in, so make sure that your leaflets are bright, vibrant, sunny and summery. Using colours like yellow, oranges and purples can be extremely powerful when used the right way. While it is a great idea to use the brighter colours to make your offerings stand out, make sure you don’t go overboard with the ‘loud’ colours as this could work against you.

Think about the images you are using on your flyers for flyer drops in Peterborough; you need to make sure they are bright and colourful images, not an image taken in the rain or with snow on the ground. Make sure the text and colour of your leaflet complement the images on your flyer to really create an emotional connection for your target audience and receivers of the leaflet deliveries in Peterborough.

Don’t go for boring black or grey text on your flyers, brighten it up a bit but make sure the colours can still be seen. While it may be fun to update the font on your flyers, make sure it is big and clear enough for clients to clearly read. If you have a lot of colour on your leaflet already, then why not consider a bold white font on a coloured background?

What Can The DMA Teach Us About Leaflet Drops in Peterborough?

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has completed lots of research over the years and they have heard from hundreds of businesses and consumers about their thoughts and experiences of leaflet distribution and leaflet drops. But what can this research teach us about leaflet drops in Peterborough?

The DMA teaches us that leaflet drops in Peterborough give businesses a unique opportunity to deliver a hard hitting message matched with a call to action and this can be extremely impactful as part of an integrated marketing strategy. A business can use leaflet distribution to run alongside tv and radio ads or to follow up from a campaign message and reinforce the brand and message. Both options will help to achieve high levels of consumer recall and, in turn, higher response rates.

The DMA teaches us that leaflet distribution in Peterborough can be effectively used to fit within television or radio catchment areas, sales regions or event an organisation’s retail territory. Through our leaflet distributors in Sussex you can really pin down the areas you want your business, brand, message, and products or services marketed and promoted.

The DMA proves to us that the biggest benefit of leaflet distribution is that your business, band and message is being delivered directly to the home and into the hands of your target audience, unlike some other media options. With leaflet deliveries in Peterborough you are put directly in control of the targeting and you can set your circulation figure and select the quantity you wish to distribute to which homes. Leaflet distribution in Peterborough gives you the potential opportunity to create something powerful, colourful or impactful that will be easily seen and acted upon when it lands on a consumer’s doormat.

Our business has grown year on year and we have expanded geographically through repeat business, word of mouth and recommendations – if leaflet distribution didn’t work, we wouldn’t be in business.

How To Measure The Success Of Your Leaflet Delivery In Peterborough

If you are considering leaflet delivery in Peterborough it is only normal that you would like to know if the leaflet delivery campaign has been successful, but how can you do this with the form of printed media and leaflets that you are having delivered?

Research shows that 87% of households remember receiving a specific leaflet through their door, 84% of households have admitted to responding to a leaflet that has a money off coupon or online code, 45% of households have said that they keep leaflets with special offers for future use and 93% of those households surveyed stated that they like and even enjoy receiving product samples and offers delivered through their door.

So while we can see the stats show that leaflet deliveries are successful how can you tell if your leaflet delivery in Peterborough has been successful? We have put together just some ideas below for you so you can track the success of your leaflet distribution in Peterborough.

Telephone Number

Many businesses trying out or continuing successful leaflet delivery campaigns in Peterborough create a new or separate telephone number or dedicated email address that goes onto the flyers that are delivered and then all calls or emails that come through to that number or email account are known to have come from the leaflet distribution in Peterborough.

Special Offer / Voucher Code

Other businesses track the success of their leaflet delivery in Peterborough through the use of coupons that are only available through the leaflet. This could be the offer of a free gift when a certain product is ordered, money off coupon when a set amount is spent or a similar offer that has a code that you can log as the use of the leaflet that was delivered.

These are just two of the best ways to track the success of your leaflet delivery campaigns in Peterborough but of course there are many more. Please feel free to contact our friendly team directly to hear about other success tracking options that can work for you or to get a quote for your leaflet delivery needs in Peterborough.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

SPS Leaflet Peterborough – BLOG – We Are Hiring A Driver / Leaflet Distribution Manager

SPS Leaflet Distribution is rapidly growing across the UK and we now have a need for a leaflet distribution manager for our growing business in Peterborough. We work with a wide range of clients, some of which have been with us for many years.
We are known for our excellent levels of service, reliability, trustworthiness and good value prices so it is important we find the right candidate to maintain and evolve these relationships we have with our clients.

The role of driver / leaflet distribution manager in Peterborough will involve leaflet distribution, managing a team, ensuring excellent customer service and reporting to the director. It is an outdoor job, regardless of the weather and you will be managing a team and delivering leaflets through the doors of residential homes across Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

This is the ideal opportunity for someone that enjoys working with others, being outdoors and active as well as having good people and management skills. The starting date can be immediate for the right candidate.

The candidate must have a full driving licence and be over the age of 30 years due to insurance reasons. You will be collecting your team of leaflet distributors and then driving them to the town or village where deliveries are taking place before directing them to different streets or areas of the town or village you are working in.

It is essential that as an applicant for this role you have strong map reading skills as this is how you will know where you are delivering flyers and leaflets to and where to send your team members to start work.

Please contact Steve directly to apply for this role or to request more details.