Top Business Strategies For Great Door Drop Campaigns In Peterborough

Here at SPS LMD we believe that there is a leaflet for every occasion and to help businesses in every way. Door drop campaigns in Peterborough offer a low cost price per impression and a high return on investment, making a door drop campaign in Peterborough a cost effective and successful marketing tool for many businesses. But what business strategy could you use a great door drop campaign for? We have listed some of the more popular options below. Want To Enter New Markets? If you are looking to establish your business in a new market then door drop campaigns could be the way forward for you. It’s an inexpensive way to get through the doors of your target audience and research shows that 85% of all consumers will look through the stuff on their doorstep before discarding it, so it is a great ‘marketing touch’ and will help with brand awareness too. Want to Extend Your Existing Database? By including a great call to action in your leaflets, something like a sample or a special offer, you will be able to track individuals that get the leaflet and purchase from you, enabling you to continue targeting them thought other marketing channels. Want To Reach New Audiences? Think about what you are selling and who would want to buy it. Then target these streets and geographical areas with your leaflet door drop campaign in Peterborough. This would be so much harder with other marketing channels, but with door drops it’s a walk in the park, or a walk down the street maybe! Want Your Product In The Hands Of Hundreds? Sending out product samples is a really great way of getting a bit of your product into the hands of your target audience so they can see, feel and experience your product and they will then be more likely to purchase from you. Door drops are a great way of getting these samples into the hands of your target audience. These are just some of the ways that door drop campaigns in Peterborough can help your business and business strategies. If you’d like help planning your next door drop campaign in Peterborough then please feel free to contact us directly.

Increase Your Leaflet Distribution Response With Discount Codes

It seems that every company is offering a discount of some form these days. It may be a percentage off, money off, reduced prices, special offers, special deals, free gifts with products and such like. But could discount codes and special offer codes be a great way of tracking the success of a leaflet distribution campaign in Haywards Heath?

While we may feel like we are seeing special offers, deals and discounts everywhere, and it can feel a little tedious, we are also coming to expect them. Many of us, business owners and consumers alike are becoming reliant on special offers, deals and discounts. They draw people into a business, make them want to find out more and be the lucky people to bag a bargain.

The great thing about using a discount code or a special offer code as part of your leaflet distribution plan in Haywards Heath is that you can track the success of the leaflet campaign.

If you only promote that code through flyers and leaflets then you can easily see who has quoted that code over the phone, which people entered it online when placing an order, or who popped into your store with the flyer, quoting the code.

If you have a flyer that grabs attention, a deal of interest and a voucher code then you won’t only have a successful leaflet campaign in Haywards Heath, you’ll be able to track the success of it too.

Research shows that 87% of customers remember leaflets that come through their door, when compared to email newsletter and email advertisements.

Why not try it out for yourself in your own business? Offer the same special offer via an email advert and a leaflet, but put a different code on both and see which code is quoted more often. You’ll quickly be able to see which form of advertising works best for you and your target audience.

While the leaflet needs to look great, this is only half the battle of successful leaflet deliveries in Haywards Heath. You also need to get your leaflets delivered to the right people. Using a reputable leaflet distribution company, like the team here at SPS is highly recommended because we will make sure you’re not missing your key market.

The Right Copy For Successful Leaflet Distribution in Haywards Heath

Sales copy is essential to a successful leaflet distribution campaign in Haywards Heath. You may have chosen the best leaflet distribution company in the area and have an awesome layout with the perfect colours to attract the attention of your target audience, but if your sales copy is poor it could ruin the whole campaign.

You need to make sure that you show people who your business, service or product can help them – don’t just tell them. You shouldn’t assume that the reader will know what you do and how that can help them – instead clearly explain what you do, how it can help them and why they need it.

Your reader is unlikely to be as excited about your business, service or product as you are, so make sure your copy shows your enthusiasm and passion. However, the copy also needs to show what your service or product does and how it can be of benefit to your target audience, the reader.

Consider using bullet points and short sentences matched with relevant images so the reader can quickly see what you do and how it helps them. They will pick up your leaflet from the front door and will look quickly as they walk to the kitchen bin. If your copy grabs their attention they’ll keep the flyer and your leaflet drop will be successful, if the copy doesn’t grab them the flyer will go in the bin!

Think of your leaflet distribution campaign as you on a piece of paper. It’s the advertising done for you when you can’t be there. Is the copy what you would say if you met the person in real life? If it is then you have hit the nail on the head. If it isn’t then you need to look at your flyers again – this could be the first impression the reader gets of your business and it needs to be the right impression.

If you’d like help planning your leaflet distribution campaign in Haywards Heath, then contact us now.

Industry Stats For Leaflet Drops

As a leaflet distribution business in Sussex with many years experience, we know that leaflet drops can work for many different businesses, industries and sectors of all shapes and sizes.

It’s not possible to say that leaflet distribution in Brighton and Hove definitely will work for your business, or leaflet drops in Burgess Hill definitely won’t work for your business because every business is different, as is every person that receives your leaflet.

However, we recently came across some really interesting industry specific stats for leaflet drops and we wanted to share it with you.

Leaflet Distribution for Charities

Those that receive a charity leaflet through their door are 60% more likely to donate to charity. In fact the average return on investment for charities was found to be £1.39 during the year of 2016.

Leaflet Distribution for Restaurants

91% of people that received a leaflet through their door about a local takeaway or restaurant remember receiving this leaflet up to one month later.

Leaflet Distribution For Retail Shops

After receiving a leaflet through their door, 48% of people visited the shop, asked for more information or purchased the product advertised on the flyer. The average sales uplift from a leaflet door drop for a local shop is 21% and the return on investment is as high as £5.93.


However, on a more generic scale we also found the following research.

  • 92% of all leaflet drops are read by the receiver
  • 47% of people say they find new product leaflets useful
  • 35% of receivers that are shared households say flyers are passed on within the home


Can you now see how leaflet distribution in Sussex could work for your business? It can help you get your brand in front of hundreds or thousands of people and it could offer great return on investment for your business too.

How Do You Say Merry Christmas?

We aren’t talking about if you say Happy Christmas, Merry Xmas or Happy Holidays – we mean how do you pass on best wishes to your target audience during the festive period? How do you say thank existing clients and put a nice flavour in the mouths of your target audience at Christmas so they are happy to use your business, services and products throughout the year?

There are three standard options!

  1. Send a Christmas Card
  2. Send an Email
  3. Send a Gift

Bit all of this can be time consuming when you are finding the addresses, putting stamps on envelopes, going to the post office – or sending an email that lands in the junk mail and is never seen again.

So how can SPS Leaflet Distribution help you wish your target audience a Merry Christmas this festive season?

We can deliver your cards or gifts through the doors of your target audience for you. Whether these are Christmas cards, ice scrapers, special offers or gift vouchers. We can help you decide which local areas have your target audience living in them and then we can get your kind wishes through their doors with our leaflet distribution service.

You need to start thinking about Christmas RIGHT NOW and contact us to book your leaflet distribution campaign. You want to get the Christmas goodies out early December so you can be the first to wish your target audience a Marry Christmas, before your competitors get in there!

If you leave it too late you’ll just be another company with another Christmas card or the voucher / special offer won’t be needed as they have done their Christmas shopping already. Get in their early and your Christmas card could be the first one your target audience display in their home, or share a photo of on social media!

Call us now to book your festive leaflet distribution campaign!

How To Create A Successful Leaflet Drop In Peterborough

When you run a leaflet distribution campaign in Peterborough it is only normal that you want it to be a successful and effective marketing tool for your business.

In this blog post we have put together some top tips to help ensure that create a successful leaflet drop in Peterborough for your business. We want leaflet drops in Peterborough to work for your business.

Be Impactful

Your leaflet only has a few seconds to make an impact before it is safely delivered to the bin. Make sure that your leaflet stands out when it is found on the doormat. This could be due to the bright colours, a catchy headline or a free offer for example.

Be Simple

While it is important you get your message across so the receiver knows exactly what you do, you want to make sure that the receiver understands who you are and what you do. Keep the message clear and simple and don’t overfill it with too many messages.

Be Desirable

By making sure that your leaflet is desirable you will boost your response rate. By desirable we mean including a money-off promotion, a discount code or some information that the receiver will want to retain for example.

Be Sensational

Remember that there are five senses; while you may not be able to engage with all the senses, think how you can engage with as many of the five senses as possible by creating a leaflet that is sensational; thus creating a more interactive experience.

Be Forceful

Use your leaflet to be forceful and get the receiver to take action. This could be a call to action that makes them come to your store now, call you now, visit your website now, claim your free gift now or whatever you want the reader to do when they see your leaflet.


If you are looking for a reliable and professional leaflet drop company in Peterborough then please contact us directly.

Don’t Want Your Leaflets To End Up In The Bin?

We are a leaflet distribution company in Peterborough that have been going for many years; we have been a successful leaflet distribution business because we and our clients know that leaflet distributions in Peterborough are effective and they do work.

If you want a successful leaflet distribution campaign in Peterborough for your business and you don’t want your leaflets to end up in the bin, then you need to make sure you don’t put too much information on the leaflets as you run the risk of losing your message and call to action in a mass of copy. Too much content can overwhelm the reader and switch off their attention so your leaflet is taken straight to the bin.

You need to make sure that you have a good design for your leaflet and good copywriting too. It’s not about sticking a bright image under a headline with some words about what you do on a leaflet. You need to think about the layout and typography on the leaflet to make it stand out on the doormat and stand out in their minds; not get dropped off in the bin!

A poor quality leaflet may work out cheaper in the short run, but in the long run it will do you more harm than good! If the leaflet is printed on cheap or poor quality paper then that is the first impression you give the reader of your business; that you are cheap and low quality. While it may cost more to print your leaflet on a higher quality paper, it will help you in the long run.

If you can use a good quality paper, a clever layout and design along with just enough information for the reader to understand what you do and want to find out more then you have got yourself a successful leaflet drop in Peterborough.

Contact us for a quote on delivery your leaflets in Peterborough; we are better value for money than you might think!

The Advantages Of Leaflet Distribution in Peterborough in 2018

We are living in the digital age; this isn’t new information to anyone. In this digital age the power of marketing leaflets and leaflet distribution in Peterborough are often overlooked. However leaflet drops in Peterborough can be really cost effective, when done right!

As long as paper is still being used, leaflets will always be an effective marketing tool for your business.

They’re Cost Effective

When you are looking to market locally leaflet distribution in Peterborough is a really cost effective marketing tool for you. While adverts in the local press may be seen, or they may not be seen, your leaflet will be there on the doorstep to be seen; especially if it’s eye-catching and attention grabbing.

They’re Informative

Unlike the word count restrictions with digital marketing, you don’t get these limitations with leaflets. All you need to do is to make sure that your leaflet is visually appealing and well laid out; then you can include as much or as little information as you want.

They’re Visually Pleasing

With leaflets available in different shapes and sizes, a leaflet allows you to really grab the attention of the reader with colour, layout and content. Unlike a paid ad on a search engine, your advert doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s. You can make it stand out and be noticed.

They’re Readable

Your leaflet will be clear and easy to read, with all the information that your reader and target audience need, but it will be laid out in a way that is easy to read and understand. The content you include in your leaflet for leaflet deliveries in Peterborough will be clear and simple so it is easy to read and quick to engage.

They’re Targetable

When you’re looking to get your brand, service or product out locally you will know the sorts of clients you want to work with, and those you don’t want to work with. With leaflet distribution you can choose the areas you want your leaflets distributed. For example, you may be targeting the elderly or families with young children so you can work with a leaflet distribution company in Peterborough to make sure your leaflets are delivered through the right doors, to the right audience.

How To Create Door Drop Campaigns In Peterborough That Get Action

When considering your door drop campaign in Peterborough you first need to think about think about what the purpose of your leaflet distribution campaign in Peterborough is, but also the kind of customers that live in the catchment area that you are distributing your flyers.

The most common reason that businesses run door drop campaigns in Peterborough is to attract the attention of a potential new customer. But let us be honest with you; when you send out a flyer many of them will be thrown in the bin after a quick glance. However, if you ensure that your leaflet screams for attention then achieving a good return on your leaflet distribution campaign in Peterborough may not be as daunting as you first thought.

We have put together some top tips for making your leaflet scream for attention and get noticed by your target audience;

  • Make sure your leaflet has a bold and captivating title
  • You leaflet needs to be put together with clear and strong visuals
  • Use your leaflet to play on human emotions
  • Ensure that your leaflet delivers a strong call to action

Whether you are running leaflet distributions in Sussex, Cambridgeshire or Peterborough, the rules don’t change. When leaflet distributions are carried out the right way you can bring in results you never dreamed were possible.

The biggest mistake that we have seen businesses make is that they try and cram every little detail into their leaflet or flyer and this ends up losing the excitement and interest that less detail could achieve. You need to ensure that your leaflet builds a degree of interest and gives the reader a strong pull to react to your call of action by contacting you, going into your store or checking you out online.

From the very beginning of your door drop campaign planning you need to clearly define your objective and use the campaign to accomplish your goal.

Do Leaflet Delivery Campaigns In Peterborough Work?

There is no denying that we are now living in a digital age and it is thought that anything that doesn’t embrace digital is a complete and utter waste of time… which is half true. We have recently expanded from Peterborough and Cambridgeshire to Brighton and Sussex because there is a need for leaflet distribution and in some areas leaflet distribution is a more popular marketing tool that is has ever been before.

We are definitely not saying that you need to give up on online marketing altogether, but very often we are all becoming overwhelmed and overloaded with digital ‘stuff’ and instead of this digital ‘stuff’ being read, people are just clicking that delete button.

The great thing about leaflet deliveries in Peterborough is that leaflets can’t just be deleted; the homeowner has to pick them up and carry them through their home to the bin, if that is where they choose to put them. However, during this journey they will glance at the leaflets in their hands and if the leaflet is eye-catching enough it will be read.

However, when you are looking into leaflet distribution in Peterborough and Hove you need to think about what you are doing. Chucking some leaflets through some doors and hoping for the best is not how you plan a successful leaflet distribution campaign in Peterborough. Instead you need to follow these tips;

  • Think about your business aims and objectives
  • Think about your focus market, where they live and the type of home they live in
  • Then create a planned leaflet campaign strategy to fit with the above

Leaflet distribution and flyer drops in Peterborough is booming and judging by our return in repeat clients it works really well. Most businesses we work with on flyer drop campaigns in Peterborough will report a gain in sales.

You can use leaflet deliveries to work with your digital campaigns to and direct the reader of the leaflet back to your website or social media. Make sure the logo on your leaflet, social media and website match and you’ll notice a growth in traffic to your website and social media platforms.

A good leaflet matched with a good leaflet distribution campaign will lead to reading the flyer, going to the website or social media, making contact with you and this will result in a good sale.