The Right Copy For Successful Leaflet Distribution in Haywards Heath

Sales copy is essential to a successful leaflet distribution campaign in Haywards Heath. You may have chosen the best leaflet distribution company in the area and have an awesome layout with the perfect colours to attract the attention of your target audience, but if your sales copy is poor it could ruin the whole campaign.

You need to make sure that you show people who your business, service or product can help them – don’t just tell them. You shouldn’t assume that the reader will know what you do and how that can help them – instead clearly explain what you do, how it can help them and why they need it.

Your reader is unlikely to be as excited about your business, service or product as you are, so make sure your copy shows your enthusiasm and passion. However, the copy also needs to show what your service or product does and how it can be of benefit to your target audience, the reader.

Consider using bullet points and short sentences matched with relevant images so the reader can quickly see what you do and how it helps them. They will pick up your leaflet from the front door and will look quickly as they walk to the kitchen bin. If your copy grabs their attention they’ll keep the flyer and your leaflet drop will be successful, if the copy doesn’t grab them the flyer will go in the bin!

Think of your leaflet distribution campaign as you on a piece of paper. It’s the advertising done for you when you can’t be there. Is the copy what you would say if you met the person in real life? If it is then you have hit the nail on the head. If it isn’t then you need to look at your flyers again – this could be the first impression the reader gets of your business and it needs to be the right impression.

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