Increase Your Leaflet Distribution Response With Discount Codes

It seems that every company is offering a discount of some form these days. It may be a percentage off, money off, reduced prices, special offers, special deals, free gifts with products and such like. But could discount codes and special offer codes be a great way of tracking the success of a leaflet distribution campaign in Haywards Heath?

While we may feel like we are seeing special offers, deals and discounts everywhere, and it can feel a little tedious, we are also coming to expect them. Many of us, business owners and consumers alike are becoming reliant on special offers, deals and discounts. They draw people into a business, make them want to find out more and be the lucky people to bag a bargain.

The great thing about using a discount code or a special offer code as part of your leaflet distribution plan in Haywards Heath is that you can track the success of the leaflet campaign.

If you only promote that code through flyers and leaflets then you can easily see who has quoted that code over the phone, which people entered it online when placing an order, or who popped into your store with the flyer, quoting the code.

If you have a flyer that grabs attention, a deal of interest and a voucher code then you won’t only have a successful leaflet campaign in Haywards Heath, you’ll be able to track the success of it too.

Research shows that 87% of customers remember leaflets that come through their door, when compared to email newsletter and email advertisements.

Why not try it out for yourself in your own business? Offer the same special offer via an email advert and a leaflet, but put a different code on both and see which code is quoted more often. You’ll quickly be able to see which form of advertising works best for you and your target audience.

While the leaflet needs to look great, this is only half the battle of successful leaflet deliveries in Haywards Heath. You also need to get your leaflets delivered to the right people. Using a reputable leaflet distribution company, like the team here at SPS is highly recommended because we will make sure you’re not missing your key market.

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