Industry Stats For Leaflet Drops

As a leaflet distribution business in Sussex with many years experience, we know that leaflet drops can work for many different businesses, industries and sectors of all shapes and sizes.

It’s not possible to say that leaflet distribution in Brighton and Hove definitely will work for your business, or leaflet drops in Burgess Hill definitely won’t work for your business because every business is different, as is every person that receives your leaflet.

However, we recently came across some really interesting industry specific stats for leaflet drops and we wanted to share it with you.

Leaflet Distribution for Charities

Those that receive a charity leaflet through their door are 60% more likely to donate to charity. In fact the average return on investment for charities was found to be £1.39 during the year of 2016.

Leaflet Distribution for Restaurants

91% of people that received a leaflet through their door about a local takeaway or restaurant remember receiving this leaflet up to one month later.

Leaflet Distribution For Retail Shops

After receiving a leaflet through their door, 48% of people visited the shop, asked for more information or purchased the product advertised on the flyer. The average sales uplift from a leaflet door drop for a local shop is 21% and the return on investment is as high as £5.93.


However, on a more generic scale we also found the following research.

  • 92% of all leaflet drops are read by the receiver
  • 47% of people say they find new product leaflets useful
  • 35% of receivers that are shared households say flyers are passed on within the home


Can you now see how leaflet distribution in Sussex could work for your business? It can help you get your brand in front of hundreds or thousands of people and it could offer great return on investment for your business too.

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